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2/274 Brand Road, President Park, Midrand. RSA

PBO number: 930021246 NPO number: 039-592

To date about 62 girls were reintegrated

with their beloved families. 13 girls passed their matric, 3 completed the university studies

Shelter for Girls

To rehabilitate women and children involved in commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in South Africa.

Our Vision

The vision of New Life Centre is to free and develop children and women who find themselves caught in a web of prostitution, trafficked in South Africa, Orphans, neglected, and those at risk of such exploitations, with the view to reunite them with their families and re-integrate them back into the society as productive, responsible and dignified members of the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and women who are commercially sexually exploited and trafficked in South Africa, orphans, neglected and those who are at risk of such exploitations.


To cooperate, liaise and work with local, regional, national

and or any international organisation established to promote and advance similar aims and objectives.

To act as advisor to both the provincial government and the metropolitan municipalities

on issues that relate to rehabilitation of women and children trapped in prostitution/sexually exploited and child and women trafficking.

To initiate partnerships with the International, private and public

sectors regarding resources needed to support its rehabilitation, developmental and integration programmes.



To rehabilitate women and children involved in commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in South Africa.


To offer a safe and non-judgemental environment to children catered for at the home/centre.


To create opportunities to realize their full potential in breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse and working with their parents through structured programmes.

Due to girl children being commercially sexually exploited, orphaned, neglected and vulnerable to such exploitations, NLC opened a shelter in Lombardy East, House no 72 Chaucer Street. In 2017 the Organisation was evicted from Lombardy, we went to 702 radio station for help.

A listener on the radio station called offering usage of his house in Midrand, House number 2/274 brand Road in President Park. NLC is greatly thankful for this offered home where we will be based for free till we are in a position to pay rent with the purpose to house young girls aged between 7 years to 18 years who are in need of help such as orphans, vulnerable, trafficked, and abused and those who find themselves trapped in a web of prostitution and children with behavioural challenges.

The shelter currently accommodates a total of 20 school going girls

Children go to different schools like Midrand High School

Halfway House Noordway Primary School, Gahlantso Primary School, and Tree Tops Montessori.

The young girls are placed in schools, provided with food, clothes, school uniform, stationery, and transport to and from school as well as offered counselling and guidance, let alone being taken through life skills for a better future. The Home can grow to 150 children when financially supported with two more houses within the same stand(plot).

Some of the children, whose parents are NLC beneficiaries (who are in the prostitution business), were assisted at the Drop in Centre so that they are able to look after their children.

As for children who do not know what their mothers do for a living, NLC’s intervention is to help the mothers who are willing to withdraw from prostitution through behavioural change initiatives whilst the child is at the NLC shelter. To date about 62 girls were reintegrated with their beloved families.

13 girls passed their matric, 3 completed the university studies and employed and one of them bought a car and has her own place, married and have a little daughter. One is doing her 2nd year at UJ. Lynn Baker from Monte Casino donated the beds for the NLC shelter in 20

Computer Literacy Skills Programme

These services were provided free of charge to empower young girls and women who were commercially sexually exploited disadvantaged and those at risk of such exploitations. Unemployed community members also received skills with the aim of gaining knowledge and empowered for employment.

Talent Recognition

New Life Centre also looks for partnerships that can tap into the talent of the girls such as singing, poetry, acting and other forms of arts. NLC helps these young people to nurture realize their talents.

Peer Education

We used to run a Peer education programme in which they would receive training for 10 days and on completion they would receive certificates of attendance. They were then engaged as Peer Educators by New Life Centre or other NGO’s around. They undertook Out Reach programmes, visit brothels, clubs, vandalised buildings, streets, hotels, taverns in order to reach to their peers. They would educate young girls on HIV and AIDS, STI’s, human trafficking, drugs and child abuse. They would return to the centre every Wednesday for weekly reporting, planning and workshops.

The New Life Centre used to train 30 peer educators per year since its establishment in 2005 till 2014. The Organisation had 30 active peer educators who received a monthly modest stipend from Health Department before the support programme elapsed.